About Nikgroupconstructions

Nikgroup Construction Limited is a subsidiary to the Nikgroup of Companies.
Nikgroup Construction Limited was incorporated in March 2017 under the companies ACT 1963, ACT 179. The company has workers with a registered capital of One Million Ghana Cedis GH₵1,000,000.00) net asset of Twelve Million Ghana Cedis (GH₵12,000,000.00). Amount, which has already kept several years’ records that the annual net operating cash inflow is positive and the loan at the end of the year, is zero. It boast sound financial conditions that the company enjoyed successful development by the several solid and major constructions in the heart of the Accra city. Which further consolidated the company’s leading position in the Ghanaian construction industry, we have also laid the solid foundation for the comprehensive development of our design and construction business, and the growth from the “single contractor” to the “builder”.  Complying with “competence and dependable” characters all along at the field of housing building, Nikgroup construction limited since its establishment has already contracted the construction of super high rise building, premium hotels, large residential community, schools, and various industrial , civil buildings and public utilities etc.
At Nikgroup construction we strive to excel in every service, we provide added value for our customers whenever possible and hereby attaining national leadership in the construction industry.

Is A Leading Company In The Real Estate Construction And
Infrastructure Space

What We Do

NikgroupConstructions brings best services with value, potential cost saving, and provide you
with a predictable outcome.

Design & Construction

Construction of all types of buildings, infrastructure and civil works construction

Rennovation & Reconstruction

We offer reconstruction & rennovation service for any types of buildings.

Roads and Road Repairs

We offer full contracting services and have the flexibility to assist our clients

Residential Apartments & Estates

We are capable of building residential apartments and Estates

Astro Turf and Sports facilities

We are adept in the building of sports facilities and Astro Turfs

“ The secret to the successful implementation of this project is simple. We just brought together the best people and understood that we were facing a task that is unique in its scale & significance. ”

Nick Owusu


Nick Owusu


Nick Owusu is a top motivational speaker from Ghana – Africa whose passion is empowering people and helping them to have a vision for their lives.

Nick Owusu is the CEO of NIKGROUP NETWORK LIMITED, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Nick Owusu’s Life is a testimony to the power of positive mental attitude and the capability of the human potential.